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Covid-19 has impacted all of us, and my thoughts and prayers continue to pour out to our nation. As healer, it is still my intention to show up and help Mother Earth when she needs it most, and those of us affected by Covid-19. We are all collectively experiencing this global pandemic which is also creating our own personal moments of crisis and uncertainty, but we have a sacred duty to support and lift one another up, as well as ourselves. 

To maintain the health and wellbeing of my clients and myself, I am only seeing patients in-person on Sunday and Monday. I am accessible for remote and distance sessions during my usual business hours throughout the week.

 All sessions are booked by appointment only.


  • In-person – 1 hour – $90
  • Distance – 1 hour – $90 
Additional time can be added in increments of 30 or 60 mins*