Covid-19 has impacted all of us, and my thoughts and prayers continue to pour out to our nation. As healer, it is still my intention to show up and help Mother Earth when she needs it most, and those of us affected by Covid-19. We are all collectively experiencing this global pandemic which is also creating our own personal moments of crisis and uncertainty, but we have a sacred duty to support and lift one another up, as well as ourselves. 

To show my gratitude to my community,  I will be offering a sliding-scale fee for those in need. For the time being, I will not be seeing clients in person, but distance and remote services are still available. Please email me directly at if you have any questions or would like to request a sliding-fee scale for services. 

To book a session with Darryn, click here. All sessions are booked by appointment only. To view service prices, please see below.


By appointment only. If you have any additional questions about Reiki services, please contact Darryn directly at

  • In-person – 1 hour – $80 (Only available on Sunday)
  • Distance – 1 hour – $80
  • In-person Reiki + Sacral Cleanse – 90 Minutes – $100 (not available)

Spiritual Coaching

  • Remote Session – 1 hour – $80

By appointment only. Darryn utilizes both her intuitive abilities and clinical skills to assist clients in understanding the emotional sources of presenting symptoms and problems that manifest in our lives. Darryn is passionate about helping people shift their thoughts to inspire action through cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches. Darryn is certified in wellness based practices, and always incorporates holistic principles into her teaching. These sessions will feel like you’re speaking to an old friend and are transformative and extremely impactful!

Paired with a Reiki session, this is an incredible self-care session to use to effectively identify current blockages and provide a safe place for you to heal!

*Reflects discounted price due to Covid-19