Wait, what’s Reiki?

Darryn & Vince

“I was never really interested in the benefits of Reiki until I was convinced to try it. Darryn has helped me look within myself and opened doors to healing I didn’t know I had the ability to unlock. My anxiety has cleared and I’m on a path to self-betterment. I finally have light in my life….light, I had no idea I would see again. The future is hopeful. Darryn is truly a shining beacon for me. And Reiki distance therapy and healing has helped me all the way in Key West, Florida. She’s the real deal. I can’t thank her enough.”

–Maresa S.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used to rebalance our energy centers, and is also used to treat physical/chronic pain. The word ‘Reiki’ means ‘Universal Source,’ so Reiki is simply a process of tapping into universal energy, and infusing that high vibrational energy to help you overcome emotional barriers, release old trauma, fear, and limiting beliefs. Here are some common things to expect in a Reiki session:

Your Reiki practitioner will always spend time with you before session to discuss your current symptoms, what you hope to get out of your Reiki session, and an intention for healing.

You will be asked to lay down on the massage table (your clothes will remain on), and you will be offered blankets and pillows to your comfort level. Essential oils and oil diffusers can also be used to your preference.

Your Reiki practitioner will do a body-scan to quickly identify how your energy centers are moving to support your session in ultimate healing.

Your session will be approximately 45 minutes, and you may be asked to lay face up and face down, dependent on the targeted area of treatment.

At the end of your session, your Reiki practioniner will gently wake you up to discuss your session and provide insight around self-care to maintain your energetic shifts.

Because Reiki assists with releasing blocked energy, this can be emotional, so it’s normal to feel an overwhelming flow of feelings, begin crying, etc. during a session. If this happens, allow the emotions to flow as this is your body recognizing your awareness and willingness to release. You may also find yourself jerking, twitching, feeling your stomach growl, feeling vibrations and tingles, seeing vivid colors and imagery, hearing intuitive messages, falling asleep, etc. Again, all normal reactions to how the old energy is moving out, and how the new energy flows in.

Distance Reiki

For anyone who has a slither of doubt in their mind about the effectiveness of distance Reiki, I am here to tell you that the benefits and effects are just as powerful whether we’re together in a room or not. Energy transcends all, and I am able to give your body Reiki utilizing a proxy in my own space. During a distance session, please prepare a safe and comforting space where you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour to really connect with the healing of the session. Prior to your session, Darryn will give you a call to discuss your needs, and you will receive a text at the end of your session so you know your session is complete. Follow up information will be provided via phone call, email, or an audio memo that can be emailed to you.

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