Yoga at Home with Darryn

Check out a recorded class: Yoga at Home with Darryn

Yoga is an incredible medicine that helps us tune in with our bodies, mind and soul as we are consciously aware of our breath and the beautiful relationship between breath and movement. Developing a consistent yoga practice not only does the obvious magic such as aiding in flexibility and strengthening and toning the body, but yoga also helps with refining our concentration and focus, stilling the mind and also offers us the opportunity to revitalize our energy by conscious breathing.

Darryn is a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over a decade and is thrilled to offer the medicine of yoga in such wild times with live classes offered weekly via Zoom from my living room in San Diego, CA.

Monthly Membership – 6 or 12 month commitment (billed monthly)*
  • -Unlimited live classes (3-5 per week)
  • -Access to previously recorded classes
  • -Sound healing & meditation classes
Yoga for the Year – 12 month commitment – (pay in full)
  • -Unlimited live classes (3-5 per week) for the entire calendar year
  • -Access to previously recorded classes
  • -Sound healing & meditation classes
  • – 6 private classes with Darryn available to use over 12 months