Welcome! I am so excited that you have taken such a profound step in becoming a better you! Whether this be achieved through removing emotional barriers, overcoming obstacles, relationship and career direction, mental and energy stability, or just simply investing in your wellness maintenance, beLIFTED Wellness & Coaching is designed to ensure that you are an unstoppable force of nature that can live a life with purpose, clarity, confidence and excitement.

Although I am actively pursuing academic credentials as a master’s student to work in Mental Health Counseling, beLIFTED is not to be confused with therapeutic solutions. Although it may feel therapeutic, there is no medical analysis, diagnostic assessments, or trips down memory lane that may potentially trigger deeper wounds or past conflicts. beLIFTED is only concerned about the person you are today, and what we can do to ensure that you are living a more fulfilling life for your present and future. Yes, our past does shape us, and there may be a few things that I can assist you in releasing, but my intention is to help you regardless of where you are in life, and most importantly, be your personal advocate to bring forth the kind of life you want to live.

If you are ready to set clear intentions, identify fears, overcome resistance, face obstacles in order to attract your desires and live a more fulfilling, vibrant life, these sessions will be pivotal in aiding you on your personal journey.