Meet Your Essence

Darryn & Vince

Welcome home, Wild Hearts! I’m Darryn, and I’ve never been afraid to search deeper to the existential questions of, “Who are we? Why am I here? What is my true essence?” When I was 5 years old I told everyone who would listen, but at first my mother, that a full moon can change our lives. I said this with such truth and conviction that it’s no wonder why attuning to the power of lunar energy has also been a passion of mine before I ever realized why. By the way, I was absolutely correct in my campaign that a full moon brings forth energetic shifts that can be life changing! My 5 year old self somehow was conscious and open to the cosmic and healing energy that surrounds us and I’ve never stopped tapping into that intuitive spirit I’ve had since I was a child. 

When we are truly ready to surrender to the guidance of the Universe, our darkest moments can turn into the brightest revelations about who we truly are. Not who we were conditioned to be, but our innate, gorgeous, internal self. It is my purpose to help elevate the thoughts, behaviors and actions of others with a holistic approach that meets you where you are. As a therapist in training, I am deeply passionate about mental health and have an empathic and guiding approach where empirical evidence meets magical potentiality. As a yogi, I also know how powerful our bodies are and how much dis-ease we release through movement and breath. Finally, as a Reiki master, I am here to not only hold space for your physical body, but I get up close and personal with your energetic and auric body for deep healing that is designed to bring your aura field to its essence.

Ultimately, your spiritual journey will reveal a wild love within you and connection to the Divine that once witnessed and embraced will elevate every facet of your life. When we align with our natural aura and move through life knowing what is best for us and not others, the magical gift of alignment will never cease to amaze you. If you are ready to set clear intentions, identify fears and overcome resistance to attract your desires and live a more fulfilling, vibrant life, these sessions will be pivotal in aiding you on your personal journey.

Darryn is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, and is certified in Usui Reiki Ryoho. Darryn is a proud member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, and is an insured Reiki practitioner. 


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