Meet Darryn

Darryn & Vince


Sometimes our lives consist of necessary amounts of chaos just to fully understand the beauty of the payoff.  — Darryn K. Robinson, M.S., APCC, CWC


Darryn is a vibrant, high-spirited Reiki Master who is deeply committed to supporting her tribe in fulfilling their ultimate purpose by effectively bringing healing to address and overcome emotionally-rooted issues, which create blockages in our energy centers. Darryn is also able to treat clients who suffer from physical ailments by restoring new energy and releasing blocked energy centers that are creating pain.

Darryn has been an active advocate in the wellness community for over 9 years, beginning with training at an accredited institution for her highly passionate title as a Certified Wellness Coach (to verify Darryn’s credentials, click here). Pursuing her calling to become a light worker, Darryn studied under two Reiki Master Practitioner Teachers whose training lineage can be traced to Master Usui, the founder of Reiki.

Additionally, Darryn holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling and is a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, and has years of professional experience working with adults and children with developmental disabilities, trauma, and mental health disorders. Darryn is extremely passionate about changing the narrative of mental health stigmas, and continues to advocate in this field as an emerging therapist.

Darryn resides in San Diego, California with her longterm partner and their 2 dogs, Parker (Yorkipoo) and Layla (Siberian-Husky). Darryn is into all things energy, wellness, spiritual awakenings and wild, unexplainable experiences. Darryn enjoys camping, off-roading, traveling, reading, writing, lunar cycles, burning candles, and is a foodie fanatic.