Meet Darryn

Darryn is a vibrant, high-spirited writer and life coach with over 12 years of experience working in human services. Darryn received training from an accredited institution for her highly passionate title as a Certified Wellness Coach (to verify Darryn’s credentials, click here). In addition to life coaching, Darryn is pursuing her master’s degree, and will soon begin her clinical journey as she works to earn her license as a clinical counselor.

Darryn studied English, Women’s & Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University, where she quickly honed in on her writing and creative skills, while also finding her purpose in the arts and humanities. Since she was a child, Darryn has always possessed a gift to connect and inspire others, and has been called to this field after her own personal journey of overcoming several breakdowns, to reach incredible breakthroughs.

Darryn specializes in mindfulness coaching, with professional experience working with adults with developmental disabilities, trauma, and mental health disorders. Darryn is extremely passionate about changing the narrative of mental health stigmas, and currently works as an Adult Program Case Manager for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.