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“I had a long-distance healing session with Darryn and it was an amazing experience. She was very professional and gave a thorough assessment after the healing and gave advice on the next steps I should take. I will definitely make an appointment in the future with Darryn. Do not hesitate if you are interested in a healing. You won’t regret it.” –Ryan N.

“I really enjoyed this amazing distant reiki from Darryn. Not only did I find some mental clarity (which was my main concern), but also instant relief from physical symptoms which I had prior to the session. Her detailed feedback afterwards was much appreciated, which included intuitive guidance from her guides and cards. Overall, a wonderful calming experience. I highly recommend her and have been doing so to my friends here in New York. Goes without saying that I will be using her again for reiki and spiritual guidance in the near future!” — Jana P.

“Fabulous session. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting during my visit with Darryn. However once I walked in, I immediately felt peaceful energy around me. Darryn is very welcoming and very knowledgeable of her abilities. I would recommend Darryn to any and all who are ready to be in touch with your inner spirit energy. I will be back as often as needed.” –Marisa W.

“Incredible and so professional. I highly highly recommend! So thorough and I received a complete report at the conclusion of the treatment. I cannot say enough good things.” — Ed G.

“I had my first reiki session with Darryn and I absolutely loved it! The energy and atmosphere was amazing . I will definitely be back. I feel so motivated & free! Excellent experience.” –Nicole B.

“I never knew what reiki or energy cleansing was until a few weeks ago.  Most of us are just going about our business everyday without thinking about it.  Energy and cleansing is real and it’s a must!  Darryn is so talented and really put me in a place of peace and mentioned some things about me that she couldn’t have known.  The session was so deep that I can’t mention all on here but there’s so much to explore spiritually and I am happy to have Darryn by my side during my journey.” –Chris L.

“Darryn has helped me so much in my body, mind and spirit. Such a kind soul, I can not waiting to be connecting with her again”. –Jay S.

“Had a distance session with Darryn, and felt very energetic after. I have not had a reiki session before but it feels nice. Thank you again, Darryn.” –Cherie C.

“Thoroughly enjoyed my session with Darryn who is highly intuitive and was able to pinpoint all of my problem areas. Gave lots of feedback and I look forward to more sessions in the future.” –Ninurks R.