Inspiration In The Least Likely of Places (For Vince)

For those who aren’t residents of Southern California, as someone originally from the East Coast, I feel pretty confident admitting that every single stereotype you have ever come across that portrays SoCal at its finest is pretty much spot on. Have you seen the SNL skit The Californians? If not, I beg you to YouTube a sketch at this very moment, and of course come back to finishing this article ASAP because I swear there’s a superb point in here that relates to my SoCal lifestyle.

My boyfriend Vince is the quintessential California man that embodies all of the characteristics of a true Californian. I’ve known Vince for about 5 years, and in basically the first 5 minutes of knowing him I saw him as the poster boy of San Diego. He owns 4 surfboards, and if he’s not surfing, turns into the most evil person I know, there’s a skateboard always planted right by the front door which he frequently utilizes to run our Husky, he’s got the whole personality down (minus the over-usage of the words dude and bro, two pet peeves of his), and it’s even evident in his style since he goes through Van’s like I have never witnessed before.

A few months ago, he was beyond hyped for a new movie that was being released We Are Blood, and naturally I was the best girlfriend in the world and got him a copy for Christmas (which might I add was a daunting task since it was sold out for months). We often watch documentaries about surfing or skating together since those are two big hobbies for him, so this past Sunday wasn’t anything entirely groundbreaking when we decided to finally watch We Are Blood.

I don’t surf, or skate, so my attention often goes to being fascinated to mere boredom, so I was floating in and out of mental consciousness while watching this with him. A major theme this year has been that of “inspiration in the least likely of places” and I am so grateful that I watched this over the weekend, because it reinforced such a huge part of my work, which is visualization and manifestation.

Now, I realize the whole LOA thing sounds very woo-woo and impossible to master, but in reality, it’s allllllll around us. And regardless of career, industry or pursuit, we are subconsciously mastering the art of manifestation to propel us to our desires. And something that I learned while watching this, is the power of visualization for pro-skaters (and by all means, insert any athletic title, the same applies) is real. Like, really real.

See, the thing with these movies about skateboarding or surfing is that for the most part, you are absolutely in awe at what these individuals are doing in the word. In this particular documentary, they traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco, San Francisco to Barcelona, Barcelona to Brazil with one mission–to master architecture that most of us only marvel at in an aesthetic sense. These completely insane yet courages skateboarders (to me, anyway) view these landmarks as a conquest, they see pavement and textures as meant to be tested, angles and hills that are meant to be maneuvered. So much of the documentary is just flawless execution, but there is always that one little component they fretfully shed light on:


Guys, some of these “when skateboarding goes wrong” clips were just BAD. I mean, my eyes closed, not even able to fathom what that could have felt like bad. But, each and every time, you saw them get right back on that board until they got it right. With blood dripping through their clothes, bruised bones, some even fractured, they consistently kept going.

One of the skateboarders who was narrating a scene said:

Once you start trying a trick, you can’t stop because you keep seeing the trick in your mind, and you just have to go at it until it becomes reality.

And every single trick did become a reality. In one scene, it was mesmerizing to see one particular skateboarder literally acting out what the trick would be like. He wasn’t completely in motion, but he was adjusting his body and angling his skateboard continually acting it out before he launched. And sometimes in life, that’s the fire we need–to act out exactly what we want, envision it clearly, until it’s within reach, and no longer a thought, or even a fear.

Visualization is such a powerful tool in attracting desired outcomes that it’s almost uncanny how powerful it is. I create a vision board every single year, and sometimes I’m freaked out looking at my board towards the end of the year to see all that I manifested, without even realizing it. Visualization is a tool that I used last week in a particularly stressful situation and I manifested HUGE events, one after another. Yes, the fear was present, and sometimes hard to overcome, but my desired outcome was so mentally clear that I didn’t leave room for any doubt to overshadow what I knew would soon be my reality.

So, sometimes, inspiration does find us in the least likely of places, and I’m so happy I was there to be reminded of this by a professional skateboarder who always taps into the power of visualization, which might I add, is working pretty well for him in his very lucrative and successful career.

And, I guess it’s also worth mentioning that sometimes visualization isn’t easy, and that doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be. Be prepared to be bruised and scarred, you might even be a little broken, but your faith mends all; trust in your higher self to guide you and deliver exactly what it is that you want. It’s really that simple.

With 2016 quickly approaching, I invite you to honor yourself and your desires by sitting quietly, envisioning all you wish to create and attract next year, write them down, and if you have the time, create a vision board.

And, to my incredible boyfriend Vince, I hope this post did you justice.

What are you ready to create as a tangible, REAL thing in your life that just needs some watering by a wild imagination?

Love and blessings,

Darryn K. Robinson, CWC



One thought on “Inspiration In The Least Likely of Places (For Vince)

  1. Aiden says:

    absolutely needed to read this today. I heard you talk about this post previously, but it didn’t register the way it just did now from me reading and absorbing it. Thank you for this!


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