Lunar Guidance for the Super New Moon in Scorpio

Happy New Moon, lunar babes! With all of the time and energy I put into harvesting magic around the lunar cycles, I thought it would be beneficial to share the intuitive insight and guidance that flows to me as I tap into the lunar energy to support me in my healing. Whether it’s visioning for the future, surrendering to my past, or simply bathing in the magic of the moon to allow her to illuminate my path ahead, I always use lunar energy for setting goals and putting a little magic into my intentions. In this post, I’ll walk you through some major universal themes that the Universe is guiding us through for this Super New Moon (SNM) moon cycle.

What the Super New Moon illuminates for us this lunar cycle:

2020 has been a year of extremes, and we’ve had months to not only observe our personal reactions, but the reactions of the world on a global level that has likely caused some internal imbalance. If we’re being real, it has sometimes felt like there’s little to celebrate this year as we’ve all suffered unrepairable damage and losses. Death. Sickness. Separation. Violence. Riots. Job loss. Financial despair. Mental health decline. 2020 is doing her shadow work, and she’s asking the same for you. Sometimes the same battle happens within our own lives that take us far away from the home of our soul. An important aspect of your spiritual practice is the harmony that you cultivate within by bringing balance to the natural states of feminine and masculine energy that you already have the power to tap into. There is something to learn from the extremes that show up in our lives because they’ve likely served you. For example, I am someone who is very critical of myself so I push myself with my work and the projects I create and craft. The inner critic makes me over exert myself to a very unhealthy place where I’m disconnected from the craft I’m putting out into the world. I’m exhausted and depleted therefore not aligned energetically. This separation can leave you empty, starved and lost because you overcompensate in one area to feel something, or over stimulate yourself in another area. You’re no longer coming from a place of authenticity anymore and the extreme beliefs breed. When we find ourselves in an extreme state of anger, for instance, it’s like our brains have their own little networks with their own sets of news correspondents that continue to perpetuate a negative narrative, and we accept it. We find more things to be angry about. We don’t change the channel. We handcraft other people and experiences to keep us in anger because we’re not open to another perspective. We actually aren’t even aware that we could benefit from a new perspective. Anger isn’t always a terrible thing – in fact it often times accelerates healing. But, it can’t be your default.

When we can learn to face the not so rosy parts of of our lives or our own qualities, we have the power to face life with more grace and confidence. The lesson with the SNM in Scorpio is to ask yourself, what can I truly learn about my own extremes – the good and the bad? Where am I not balanced? What parts of my soul need union with one another?

What is ready to emerge from this lunar cycle:

This Scorpio SNM is an intimate opportunity to do some spiritual surgery on the ways we resist, therefore block what we actually desire. While you’re doing that spiritual operation, take a deeper glimpse and identify the fear behind what you resist. You’ll quickly see a pattern. Each new moon brings us an opportunity to start anew and when you’re planting seeds for your future, faith is the miracle-grow-equivalent to see all that you desire come to fruition. When we plant seeds, we are excited for what we will harvest, but we are also grateful for the opportunity to start this new cycle. We have our clean slate and trust that each day, our seed will sprout. The progress may seem gradual, but that’s because we don’t have the perspective of all that’s happening not within sight. Our only job is to water our seeds with the belief that it will flourish. But, if you stop watering your plant? Well, your resistance wins.

The SNM in Scorpio will support you in asking yourself how you’ve allowed resistance to block the natural flow of opportunity in your life. How does fear continue to recycle itself in your life?

What is ready to be released this lunar cycle:

With the theme of Scorpio season, this SNM is a tremendous boost for looking at the low vibration qualities, beliefs, attachments – *nothing is spared here* – and giving it the final look in the eye as you send it own its way to never return to you. It’s an energetic way of changing your number if you will. As you take inventory of what needs to go, you will need to be mindful of the almost scary way that things feel as if they’re being taken from us, when really the Universe is just the hype woman she is doing the work for us – removing people we no longer need on our path, or being laid off from the job that we actually weren’t passionate about anyway. It is terrifying when change happens out of our control, but the Universe needs us to understand the flow and cycles of life. When things leave, it’s actually a shift that allows us room for more. It’s simply our limiting beliefs that convince us that it’s because we aren’t worthy and we aren’t good enough when things that don’t serve us leave our life.

So, as you release, take care of yourself. Be ready to nourish yourself. Be ready to love yourself. Be ready to show up for yourself and don’t surprised if no one else shows up but you. And when it feels too dark, what other senses can you rely on?

How to best direct your attention to supporting your intention:

As a healer, I’ve been preparing my clients all year about the energetic shift that is occurring, and for my spiritual folk who are doing the work, a magical sense of self-power is being rediscovered and we’re all waking up. This is no accident. Our soul purposes are being remembered and it’s being fueled by the power we aren’t denying or dismissing anymore. This SNM is calling us to walk further. And even more courageously. Throughout the week, I’ve continued to receive messages of not every person being for me and this is a huge lesson for a sensitive girl who has only ever wanted everyone’s love and acceptance. My power has shown me the attributes of not being accepted by everyone, and of not being liked by everyone. That makes me more excited to grow with the people that I’m meant to grow with.

The best way to bring energy into the work you’re doing with the SNM is to step into your power. What power are you tired of denying? What does it look like to just be you?

Super New Moon Affirmation

The shadows of the super new moon in Scorpio allow me the courage to light my own way. To shine light on the fear that is disguised by negative thinking that blocks my flow. I happily set time aside to create space in my life for dreams to flourish. I heal from my past to cultivate the future of my dreams.

I hope that you enjoyed your lunar guide for this special Scorpio Super New Moon. Have fun bringing some magic into your life this week. See you around the Full Moon, lunar babes!

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