Lunar Guidance for the New Moon in Pisces

Happy New Moon, lunar babes! With all of the time and energy I put into harvesting magic around the lunar cycles, I thought it would be beneficial to share the intuitive insight and guidance that flows to me as I tap into the lunar energy to support my community and myself in our healing. Whether it’s visioning for the future, surrendering to the past, or simply bathing in the magic of the moon to allow her to illuminate our paths ahead, courageously use the lunar energy for setting goals and putting a little magic into your intentions. In this post, I’ll walk you through some major universal themes that the Universe is guiding us through for our upcoming New Moon in Pisces!

What the New Moon in Pisces illuminates for us this lunar cycle:

The eclectic and collective energy of Aquarius season might be behind us, but the work we began in February will very much flow into Pisces season with celestial showdowns and cosmic insights. Where Aquarius season gave us the energy to breathe life into the creations we are birthing, the upcoming New Moon in Pisces politely asks us to go within, and to truly feel the pulsating rhythm of Mother Earth beneath you to successfully birth your labor of love. With just a few weeks away from the start of Spring, we are reminded that just like the flowers that blossom, so do we. What is most illuminated is ironically the calling to explore what happens once the light dims, when the sun sets, when our true compass is the intuition we all powerfully hold. As you plant new seeds and intentions, also be reminded of the importance of rest and detachment from your intentions so that Mother Earth can also be a guiding light for you.

What is ready to emerge from this lunar cycle:

This Pisces New Moon is Mother Earth’s way of teaching us that we can be both fluid and rooted, and what is ready to emerge is a reevaluation of the ways we align with unconditional love — to ourselves, the world and others. During a time where the events of the world are so polarizing, it is our responsibility as emerging mystics to see everything, and everyone through the lens of love. Any resistance to this lesson will only create more blockages, especially in the heart chakra. The Divine Feminine is also coming forward for many of us as powerful guides, so find ways to connect with their energies, to romanticize your self, and surround yourself with the vibration of unconditional love. 

What is ready to be released this lunar cycle:

The caveat to unconditional love requires a prerequisite, and a pre-req that can’t be comprised — the power of forgiveness. What often holds us back are blockages that find their ways tangled in our delicate energy centers, hiding behind resentment, jealousy, fear, insecurity — you know, just the usual suspects for low vibrational energy sources. Releasing is also an an act of surrendering, which is just another way of showing faith. This lunar cycle is begging all of us to leave our worries and fears literally anywhere but the depths of your soul, as Mother Earth is prepared to transmute the energies that no longer serve you or others. As you release, be grateful. As you release, look at what comes up through the lens of unconditional love. There’s no need for side commentary or judgment to resurface, just a very intimate internal dialogue of evaluating what in your life can be healed through the power of forgiveness. 

How to best direct your attention to supporting your intention:

For sensitive souls, empaths and healers, this is a spectacular time for energetic upgrades but this can often come with spiritual side effects, so non-negotiable  self-care with the intention of purification and protection is key to your spiritual development. If you live near water, immerse your body into that ocean or lake, and allow the magical properties of water to strip away the old parts of yourself. If you don’t, I see a salt bath in your future where you can submerge your body into water that you’ve charged with the intention of purifying and protecting yourself. Big emotions may resurface for us, so the best way out is through, but sometimes the best path out is a lazy Sunday. A relaxing hot bath. A nap. Watching your favorite romantic comedy. Or, a brief disconnection from the world we live in. Either way, Mother Earth wants us to find ways to go within, to deepen our practice with meditation and protection rituals. 

I hope that you enjoyed your lunar guide for this special New Moon is Pisces. Have fun bringing some magic into your life this week. See you around the Full Moon, lunar babes!

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