Depression: Mental Illness or Excuse?


If you could, I want you to take a moment of silence and think about a few instances in your life where you were so mentally exhausted that you didn’t think you had the strength to get back up, face that obstacle that brought you down, talk to that person who hurt you, or simply just move on with your life.

Now, I want you to think about how AMAZING it felt to persevere from those feelings, painful circumstances and constant grief.

I don’t think any of us are exempt from the many states of Depression, and do not be fooled, I know the power of this illness. I know that there are a million products on the market that are supposed to delightfully bring that missing essence back to our life, like some Nicholas Spark novel, except Serotonin is the leading role, our hero if you will. I know that more and more people are diagnosed with clinical depression than probably any other mental disorder. I know that as consumers, we believe what the pharmaceutical industry is promoting and advocating and before we know it, we’re taking something for depression, another pill for anxiety, another pill for sleeping, and then another for mood stability and what gradually begins to happen is that we rely on these external sources to LIFT us, instead of connecting to our own source, which is the most powerful healing there is!

Oh, the things our doctors don’t want us to know.

So, I’ve come to see depression as this mental cancer. Stick with me. The roots of depression are so treacherous that they will attach themselves to anything, and I mean anything and with a little “mental watering” (our thoughts, actions, self-doubt), we have just developed like the Miracle Grow to further grow our depression. You have deeper issues sprouting everywhere now, because I’m just going to call depression out–it’s this needy, desperate little entity that is just dying for the opportunity to spread its roots and elevate its status.

There are SEVERAL things that begin to happen when we submit ourselves to depression.

  1. We accept it, as if it’s this integral part of our being and true self.
  2. Then, we let it control us.
  3. And then, we let it define us.
  4. Naturally, we alter our lives around it.
  5. And if that’s not enough, we become it.

That’s a lot of submitting to something that we’re basically self-perpetuating and co-creating.

Now, before you think that I’m this calloused person who is anti-mental health, quite the contrary my friend. According to a professional, I myself am diagnosed with clinical depression and have for many, many years, struggled and battled with my own depression and this horrible, painful illness.

But, on the other hand, I also understand why my depression was so toxic and deep-rooted and it’s because I submitted to it. I accepted the title. I mean, I totally owned it! I felt like some high-status woman because I was taking Prozac and Zanex. I absolutely gave it power and because of that, I became the depressed girl who’s name is Darryn, rather than, Darryn, a young woman who is a life coach, that just happens to suffer from depression.

See the difference? It doesn’t wear me, and actually, I don’t choose to wear it.

It’s just not my style.

So, when do we blur the line between simply acknowledging depression as a mental disorder that by all means, must be worked through, opposed to making excuses for our life not being fulfilling or happy because we’re depressed? When I think about cancer patients, I commend and admire them immensely for being aggressive about an action plan to fight their battle with cancer, and it’s evident through chemo, radiation and other alternative therapies that they are willing to protect themselves physically and mentally to restore themselves back to health.

I think once we change our mindset and understand that depression can be handled just as aggressively as any other health ailment by celebrating the beauty in our lives, the positive things, and realize our purpose moving forward, we relinquish that bond that depression has on us by affirming that we are stronger than a state of feeling low and defeated!

This is REALLY powerful stuff, guys. You have the power to free yourself from depression or lower thought-forms by transforming your thoughts, investing in yourself, connecting to your higher self, and reclaiming your energy back.

Are you going to use your depression as an excuse, or work through this with an aggressive action plan to get better?

The choice is only yours!

As always, be LIFTED and be STRONGER than your lowest moments!

Love and blessings my beautiful ones!


6 thoughts on “Depression: Mental Illness or Excuse?

    • beliftedcoach says:

      Absolutely, Coach Nye. You get this more than anyone in your professional line of work–as you say, it’s all about mental toughness. You should totally write a blog about being mentally fit! 🙂


  1. LPD says:

    awesome article! I think a huge thing with depression however is that it’s actually a person’s wrong evaluation of life and the lack of excitement and joy in everything they do. I’ve had many people tell me in the past that they were “depressed” and out of all those times I noticed a reoccurring pattern; confusion. Every person who was “depressed” wasn’t actually depressed, but super confused about their existence, what they were doing, what they were going to do, and if the person didn’t seek answers, they would soon find themselves in a state of HOPELESSNESS! The solution that has worked on myself whenever I used to feel extremely depressed in the past would be to start questioning everything around me, start reevaluating my beliefs, values, and life in general. This way, you can redirect your focus on things that will truly leave you to be EXCITED when you wake up and do that certain thing. Just my two cents though, it’s just my pragmatic approach to dealing with depression!
    ~ Moe


  2. Carolyn says:

    Darryn! Excellent article. You have a delightful way of simplifying the truth. Thanks for sharing your gifts and giving us thought provoking alternatives to challenges in life. Keep LIFTING us….


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