I believe the world is as we choose to view it. Simple as that. Our happiness, is in the end, up to us and no one else. –Susan Fletcher


Be heedful, you may ask? I wouldn’t be an English major if I didn’t throw in some weird words, now would I? There’s just no fun in simply being ordinary!

But, yes. Be heedful! This is something that is so overlooked in our culture since we have been conditioned to live out frantic lifestyles. I can actually remember when I thought that it was cool to be stressed, as if there were some competition for, “Most Insane Person Alive.” And, sure, I commend anyone who can manage to strategically pull off all of their life commitments like it’s nobody’s business, but I think what I’m most concerned about is that day when we just wake up and go:

What the hell has happened?  

We all know that feeling, right? When you have kind of hit your wall, or reached your max. Or, let something spiral out of control that you’re just a total mess. You know, like those people on Hoarders?! How on earth could one newspaper lead to 291,338,495 issues from 1954 along with trash that hasn’t been taken out since I was 9 years old?!

Don’t be a mental hoarder. I beg of you. You’ve seen what those houses look like, yet we treat our fragile, delicate minds the same way.

At this point, you’re so far in that you can’t even recall what area of your life that most needs your attention. For me personally, I had completely lost my emotional side and was mentally so scattered that it even impacted my health physically. I was underweight, unhealthy, negative, and I’m not afraid to admit, an energy vampire myself.

This requires immense reflection on your part to determine how to attack this, and of course, figuring out what being heedful uniquely means to you.

At this point, my readers have a pretty good understanding that I went all in when I had to address this issue with myself earlier this year. I had to eliminate all of my stressors, and no part or person in my life was exempt from these rounds of cuts.

I showed no mercy. And you shouldn’t be afraid to either.

And, let’s just be frank, the major stressors in your life right now aren’t very much concerned for your wellbeing, so why not in fact reverse the roles? Last week I expressed that depression does not control us, instead we control depression, and the same principle applies in how we choose to take care of ourselves, and the amount of attention we place in some parts of our lives.

Being heedful should not be a daunting process. Every morning that I wake up, I check in with my body. I start from my crown chakra, all the way down to my root and I listen, intently. My throat chakra has been totally out of it lately, and oddly enough, I’m fighting the flu and have a really bad sore throat. Coincidence? I think not. And since the throat chakra is all about our sense of expression, it’s no wonder I feel something lacking there — I’m not really able to fully exercise this instrument and vocally express myself, verbally and creatively. But more on chakra’s later–I have yet again, digressed.

You can “scan,” if you will, areas of your life, too. As a life coach, I check in with my clients and go through the following life areas with them, and I invite you to evaluate your current circumstances:

  1. Work
  2. Money
  3. Living Environment (Your space such as your home, car, work office, etc)
  4. Personal growth (Things that you do to improve or enhance your quality of life)
  5. Health and recreation (What I’m talking to you guys about RIGHT now–this is all about what you do to take care of yourself!)
  6. Community (Friends, family, social life)
  7. Family
  8. Spirituality or Religion

From a strengths-based perspective, all of the things that you have scanned that are more fulfilling, and produce a happier, healthier you, celebrate that and keep doing what you’re doing. For the things that are creating gaps or a sense of lacking, be heedful of those areas and challenge yourself, what can you do to alter these circumstances? Can you take something away and direct more time to another area which may result in more happiness, or at least formulate an action plan or exit strategy to eliminate the unpleasantness?

And guys, what a perfect time to reflect on this as we’re nearing the end of 2014. This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and reflect on your life so that you can set some powerful intentions for 2015.

And yes, you are correct, I will be writing a post on intention-setting SUPER soon, it’s something that I absolutely love to talk about!

May the heedful spirit be with you, and as always, BE + LIFTED.

And for those who don’t know, in addition to this great blog, I’m also a Life Coach and have my own life coaching business, be + LIFTED Wellness & Coaching. I have some great programs that I’m designing for 2015, and enrolling clients now for these packages!

Check out my site at:, or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions about working with me, or just to introduce yourself and say hey, at:

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and blessings to all,






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