be + MERRY!

be + MERRYI know, I know. I just couldn’t resist the clichés of the holiday spirit for this post. And to be honest, actually taking a moment to reflect on this gem of a word really brought about a renewed appreciation for what this time of the year really embodies. I find it absolutely no coincidence that as we near the end of our calendar year that December encompasses festivities that are filled with celebration and commemoration. I mean, it just wouldn’t be the same if all of this went down in like August, unless of course our calendar was only composed of 8 months, and then I’d be totally on board.

A huge part of our lives are spent in cycles: we have days that turns into weeks, that turn into months, that turn into years — so when you think about it, EACH and EVERY day is an opportunity to rejoice in the fact that we’re starting anew, but it’s even more meaningful to spend an entire month in this elevated state because our thoughts are finally, and I would argue almost universally, dominated by higher-thought forms that bring forth happiness, unity, gratitude and thanksgiving.

Being very sensitive to the fact that the Holidays are open to interpretation to my readers, I don’t want to focus on the festivities itself, rather the state of being merry. We typically associate the word ‘merry’ with happiness, right? And I’m a fan of happiness, like, I’ll take it and live it everyday, but I think if the Universe stopped by to have a chat with me and said, “Darryn, you can only choose one, will it be happiness, or being being merry?,” I would TOTALLY choose merry.

And here’s why.

Happiness, loosely defined, or at least how I perceive it is just a feeling, or expression of contentment. But, being merry is like this heightened frequency of really being, and really connecting with those jovial sources of energy that almost breathe life into your existence. To me, happy is the friend that you hang out with when you need a quick distraction, but merry is that fierce, bad-ass of a friend that makes you forget what problems you have and just makes you feel so LIFTED that you’re just gleaming with joy and positive energy that gives you that amplified light to bright up any dismal room.

Even if you’re not celebrating a particular holiday, I think it’s time to just dowse yourself in that merry spirit and ride that feeling all the way out to 2015. Look at the world around you and find a cause to be merry about, or a person, or a thing, or a feeling, or whatever it is that gives your life meaning and purpose. Let this state emanate such positivity that it brings joy to others.

May your MERRY spirit be an inspiration to others, and I wish you love and peace as you raise your vibrations and be + MERRY!

Graciously sending love, blessings, and merry spirit, and always be + LIFTED!

Love you all,

Darryn Robinson

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