be LIFTED Challenge: Week 2 Recap

IMG_0393 Welcome to Week 2 of your Intensive Challenge! If you’re still on board with me, I want to celebrate your commitment. If you’re new to the game, welcome, and I assure you that you will still benefit from this program. I call this the art of gratitude because there’s more to this than just being a robot and saying “thank you” with no real emotion behind it. Gratitude is moving. It’s looking at your surroundings and being mind-blown for all that you have. Every master manifester knows that as blessings come out, blessings come down. Whenever I find myself stagnant and not moving forward, I know it’s because gratitude is not in my heart. When I actually align with gratitude, there are moments where my eyes fill up with tears for all that I have, and even for what I don’t have, that I’m confident is on its way to me. Gratitude is a very delicate dance—it requires a little practice to get in the habit, but it doesn’t take much. Literally, by just expressing the words “thank you” you’ve put your time in…as long as you feel it. Before you go to sleep tonight, record THREE things that happened to you today that you are grateful for. This doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, anything that moves you. And for the remainder of this challenge, continue this practice. Consider it as necessary as breathing.

IMG_0395 Earlier in the challenge, we honored a tangible person from our past who has molded us into the person we are today. Today’s commitment is a little unorthodox. There has always been that person who has brought us down, who didn’t quite believe in our achievements, or perhaps even talked us out of our ideas. I identify these people as Game Changers, because they propelled me even more to get me where I am today. When I was fired from a job, that was a total game-changer for me and I was forced to deeply reflect and learn pivotal lessons. Maybe you grew up in an environment where you didn’t have money, so this made you work twice as hard so that you would not have to relive your struggles. That’s a game-changer. Maybe you’re divorced, and you’re trying to mend your spirit, to be a better person and partner for someone else. That is a game-changer. Dig deep here. Acknowledge that person or lesson, thank it for what it has taught you, and keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re exactly where you belong as a result of that.

IMG_0397 We can’t imprison ourselves to the mundane and comfortable premises of our lives, because what happens there is just safe. I’m not advocating for you to go sky-diving or anything totally radical, but this challenge is meant to test what you’re capable of. Once we break free from our comfort, this is where an incredible shift happens and we find new depths of exploration and interest. Change is the catalyst needed to achieve growth and inspired results. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Don’t be insane. Be pleasantly open and uncomfortable enough in order to allow new experiences to shape you.

IMG_0399 In other words, always, always have faith. This is the thread that keeps manifestation going. This is also the next layer of gratitude as this frequency of expectancy makes you a stronger magnet for all you wish to attract. So, instead of hoping for a desired outcome, just know the desired outcome. And my next piece of advice is to also celebrate the miracles in your life that are already in motion.

IMG_0401 For those who know me, educating others on Energy Vampires is my jam. I wrote a blog on the subject, and just from experience, some of the people that are closest to us (parents, friends, siblings, co-workers, families) are actually our greatest resources of draining our energy from us. My mom had to put me in check and actually remind me that I was an Energy Vampire to her several years ago! By eliminate, I don’t mean cut them off forever, but I do mean that you should establish very clear boundaries to protect yourself before they zap the energetic life out of you. This could mean decreasing your contact time or just simply letting them know that you’re no longer going to tolerate that kind of drama in your life. Don’t think I’m going to let you off that easy—I also want you to ask yourself if you’re an Energy Vampire to someone else. Are you always complaining, playing victim or always in need of something to those around you? Well…chances are, you’re probably draining someone of their time and energy, so assess that by being mindful of your words and actions. Life isn’t life if we’re sucked dry from it!

IMG_0403 Declutter goes two ways. I’m implying both the physical, and also the emotional need of filtering out what isn’t needed anymore. I seriously don’t know what it is, but when I actually declutter my desk, closet or home, something shifts for the better. I get a potential client, or money comes to me, or I have a creative idea for my next business project. I don’t think there’s anything scientific to this, but all I can urge you to do is, take a look at your home and decipher what is no longer needed. What is no longer serving you? After going through my closet, I ended up with 2 garbage bags worth of material to donate, and I bet if I did it again I could purge another. And the same goes with your thoughts. Declutter the guilt, shame, misery and despair and purge those lower thought forms. Instead, replace it with affirmations and positive statements and I just promise you that you’ll see a huge shift.

IMG_0405 I love lifting others in unexpected ways. There’s just something so beautiful about making someone else’s day that makes your day complete. This doesn’t require monetary investment, but if you have the funds, I challenge you to buy coffee or something for the person behind you when you’re in line. Or, volunteer your time to a local cause. Hold the door for the person behind you, and just smile your life away to strangers. Greet others, wish them a good day, all of these are totally acceptable ways to pay it forward. Be a blessing to others, and continue this flow. Like I said before, blessings that come out are sure to attract more blessings your way.

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