New Year, Better You


mydesignI love endings. I really do. Even when it’s painful or sad and we’re not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I know that endings signify growth, change, and renewal. When I think about the force of the Universe, we have so many opportunities to start anew, I’m really at a loss of words for all of the full cycles we experience. We have seconds that turn into minutes; minutes that turn into hours; hours that turn into days; days that turn into weeks; weeks that turn into months; and then months that bring us to a year.

Look around you –even as you sit and read this and feel defeated that something isn’t going right, have faith in your ability to turn things around because you have time as your weapon to co-create change and write your new chapter. Is that not maybe the most inspiring thing you’ve pondered today?! The Universe provides each and every single one of us, equal and fair distribution of time, and this is a resource that many take for granted. We’ve become so dependent on material and monetary, that we’ve overlooked how precious the budget of time is, and unlike money that has the potential to grow and multiply because we’re able to preserve it, our time expires and we can never, ever get that back.

As we move into 2015, this is the time to ask yourself where exactly you want to be in 1 year.

You’ve got  12 months.

52 weeks.

356 days.

8,760 hours.

525,600 minutes.

31,536,000 seconds.

It’s time to conquer your dreams and live out your purpose.

Remember how fast 2014 passed you by? The clock is literally ticking.

It is GO time!

Do not allow your passion to expire as quickly as time does; invest in yourself wholly and wisely!

As a Wellness Life Coach, I work specifically with clients to assist them in living out their purpose and creating a more fulfilling, meaningful and abundant life. If you feel any apprehension or hesitation about how to move through this, I would love the opportunity to sit with you for 30 minutes through a FREE be + LIFTED consultation. I’m enrolling clients in my Transformational 2015 Packages now, so feel free to contact me for more information about my sessions and packages!

I wish you an abundant and prosperous 2015, may you feel joy, peace and be + LIFTED!

Love and blessings,

Darryn, Holistic Wellness & Life Coach

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