Affirmation’s Greatest Hits


If you follow the principles of the Law of Attraction, you’ve mastered the art of affirmations by this point. You probably wake up every morning and repeat the Affirmation’s Greatest Hits in your head, such as:

I am wealthy!

I am prosperous!

Money flows to me easily!

I am worthy of the very best in life!

I can do anything!

Okay, you get the point. And as much as I love simplicity, I think when it comes to reeling in our desires, we have to get a little Shakespeare on our thoughts and not spare the universe the juicy, scruptious details of what it is exactly that we want for ourselves.

When you go to buy a car, I am fairly certain that you don’t roll up to some generic dealership that boasts a measly sign that displays “Car Dealership” on it. And, should such a sad place were to exist, we wouldn’t walk to the salesman and say, “Yeah, I just need a car, give me whatever you got.”

I think not! You develop this love-affair with the kind of vehicle you see yourself driving. I’ll use my Mercedes G-Wagon as an example. I am attracting this car like nobody’s business. I see this car at least a few times a month which is a little unheard of being that it’s kind of a rare model to see on the road. But, when I sit and visualize myself already having it, I know what this car looks like down to the exterior to the interior of the car. The smell. The touch. The color. My hands on the steering wheel, and what it feels like to drive it. There’s no generic car dealership for me, I am seeing the Mercedes-Benz dealership as clear as day in the mind’s eye.

Unfortunately, some of us use the Law of Attraction like the Generic Car Dealership and assume that the Universe is supposed to respond to our desires that aren’t full of life because we have yet to produce the clarity that is required to manifest our desires. We repeat sayings like, “I am wealthy,” yet we’re not even clear on what that wealth looks like.

Does that mean earning an additional $100,000 a year? Or, is it $10,000,000 in the next 5 years? Does that mean having a 10,000 square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills, or renting out a modest condo in Tampa, Florida?

We can’t affirm what we don’t even know, so this is when we need to take our thoughts to the next level. Give our affirmations a boost of steroids, if you will.

I’m going to provide you an example of a desire statement that I’ve written for myself and we’ll deconstruct its meaning and wording.

Universe, I know that the constant blessings I receive through experiences and encounters with others have shaped me to become a mindful individual that better lives in Your image. I am grateful for this realization, as I have let go of my past and released negative thought forms that prevent me from achieving happiness and joy. I love myself and the world unconditionally. I am so grateful for the doors that I have closed so that amazing opportunities will continue to happen financially, personally and professionally. I feel blessed to be self aware, empowered and fully liberated. I thank you with endless gratitude that I am present in being my highest self so that my gifts can now fully be visible, shared and embraced.

Admit it. When you fist read this, it didn’t feel like an affirmation did it? Did it maybe sound like a journal entry or self-reflection 6 months after the fact?

That’s the point.

Here’s the Cliffsnotes version of my affirmation:

I am thankful for closed doors, as I am open to receiving more blessings from the cosmic abundance.

But, I didn’t spare the Universe any details in my process of gratitude, thanksgiving, and expectancy so that I am in a place to receive more. I was thorough in what these closed-doors are doing for me, and how they are shaping me, and as an end result, am strengthened and connected to my highest-self to be more open to other opportunities and ventures. When I utter these words, I see myself running through a field of daisies just living the dream with the sun shining on me without a care in the world. I see puppies and rainbows and beautiful imagery and a look of completeness on my face closing doors that aren’t serving me anymore. I do not see a scared woman that’s stressed and anxious about the direction of her life, rather someone who is trusting the universe to guide her and care for her.

As you take time to write your affirmations, imagine that someone is going to read your statement and not doubt for one second that not a single thing that you’ve written is NOT true. Immerse yourself in the feeling of what having this does for you, and feel those beautiful feelings of gratitude. How will this enhance your life and others? How does it bring joy and happiness? What purpose does this have for you?

If you need any direction on attracting your desires, I have a coaching program that incorporates the principles of Law of Attraction so that you are not only attracting the life you want to live, but manifesting your desires by setting clear intentions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and blessings, and may you be + LIFTED!

Darryn, Holistic Guidance and Life Coach

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