be LIFTED Challenge: Week 4 Recap

IMG_0429 Welcome to Week 4 of the Challenge! You have officially reached the threshold of how long it takes to form a habit, and consciously being lifted is probably the BEST habit-forming ifestyle to adapt to (though I’m probably a little bias in that argument! Recently, I’ve been looking for subtle little messages from the Universe. This can come in so many ways—for me, it’s specifically been numerology and seeing repeated sequences of numbers. Numerology may not be your thing, but whatever messages the Universe is sending you, quiet your mind for just a moment to welcome its guidance. This challenge also doubles as tuning into your intuition and trusting yourself; something we hardly ever do as we’re seeking out advice from other people when we actually have all of the answers ourselves. Trust the flow of the Universe—accept that everything that happens is for a reason and be optimistic about your future ahead.

IMG_0431 Have you noticed the pattern? I’ve brought up negativity quite a few times within this challenge and there was a method to my madness. Every extreme has its polar opposite—we have highs and lows, happiness and sorrow, positive and then negative. Let me tell you a thing about negative thinking, it only fuels more negativity. Negativity has no heart, it’s just a cold, bitter entity that will attach itself to anyone who gives it power to control them. If you saw the film “Silver Linings Playbook,” in the intro, the main character who suffers from bi-polar and depression considers it a poison, that if we allow it, will spread its roots and latches on as hard as it can. Well, I’m handing you over a very powerful pair of scissors, and I need you to detach yourself from those roots—cut all ties with that departed way of thinking. Always, always find the silver lining.

IMG_0433 Have you heard the saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?” This might be the time where you re-evaluate your tribe, and as you should if you feel as if this could be hindering you from self-growth and success. When I graduated from college, my cousin De Angela advised that if I really wanted to pursue writing, then I needed to move to a location where I could cultivate my craft and be amongst a community of other creatives and artists. Well, I didn’t take her advice. In fact I did just the opposite. I ended up going into management where I had no freedom to harness my creative gift and that dream sat on the shelf for a good 5 years until I took a leave of absence from my circumstances and the people I was surrounding myself with and aligned myself with people who are on a similar journey of my own. I haven’t met any of these fine people, but my inner-circle now consists of Anthony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, Rhonda Byrne, and just about every other successful entrepreneur or creative expert in the field. Complete your tribe—surround yourself with people on your similar life path, not those who may deter you from living out your purpose.

IMG_0435 The words that come out of our mouth ultimately shape us, and we attract what we express. Exuding integrity is always doing what’s commendable, even when no one is there to witness our actions. Our words are exactly the same! If we expend our energy talking badly about others, gossiping, or embellishing the truth, that encompasses our character. Another thing that we should consider is to also think with integrity. Aside from our verbal expression, our internal expression is just as important. So, be kind to yourself because your inner-dialogue eventually projects itself and that ladies and gentleman becomes your reality. You are what you speak and we’re only as credible as word, so choose your words wisely.

IMG_0437 Living abundantly may first appear as if you’re lying to yourself, but so goes the saying “fake it ‘till you make it.” Living abundantly is not adopting an outlook of lack or need, it’s shifting your attitude about money and material so that your mind finally believes that you’re afforded anything you desire. Rhonda Byrne shared a secret tip that when you’re looking at something that may be out of your price range to affirm “I can afford that.” Eventually, your thoughts catch up to this stellar, luxurious mindset that is housed in your subconscious and you’re no longer hash-tagging “the struggle is real.” In fact, the struggle doesn’t have to be real, we just become consumed by the struggle and we make it more real by complaining about it. Earlier in the challenge, if you actually took time to create your vision board, this is also where the power of visualization comes in. The secret to attracting what we want is believing that we already have it! So when you’re looking at that gorgeous 2015 car you put on your board, or that breathtaking vacation to Hawaii, think abundantly and envision yourself already having obtained those things. The Universe loves details, so don’t spare it those juicy, scrumptious facets and give it what it wants.

IMG_0439 Gandhi understood the fundamentals of change and progression when he said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” This takes immense action and requires abandoning some of the complacency you’ve probably conditioned yourself to. Change starts within and as much as others can wish this upon you, this transformation is your doing. Every major decision that has influenced our life is dependent on a sole being who took enough initiative to create that change. Voting, civil rights, and social activism are all examples of people who pioneered change so that future generations could benefit from their efforts. That’s super powerful and inspiring, and all it literally takes some time to reflect and pursue whatever change you wish to see in the world—whether it’s personal or global, just be an agent of change.

IMG_0441 I think often times, we look for love in the wrong places as a distraction in attempts to fill a void that can only be replenished by ourselves. bell hooks said this so eloquently, “knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.” When we actually honor ourselves, and I mean everything down to our physical making, soul, and mind, love transcends in all forms. Although exceptionally subtle, once we release ourselves to being solitary and loving ourselves, this singularity is where something incredible occurs–we merge into our identities without any exterior influence. We begin as a stranger to our mind, and then conclude as our best selves yet. What is one action that you will take today that commemorates who you are as a being?

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