Be LIFTED Challenge: Week 5 Recap

IMG_0443 During this entire challenge, perhaps you’ve noticed that you are your most valuable resource, your biggest competitor, and your own source of wisdom, insight, and inspiration. Many of us make the mistake of allowing others to guide our life and make our decisions, and we become co-dependent on their input, that we undermine our own. From this day forward, know that YOU have the power to tap into the infinite stream of wisdom that is housed in your being, the only thing this requires is trusting in your ability to do anything you wish. When faced with a difficult time, tune into your body, and ask your intuition for guidance. Just like a power outlet, once we’re plugged in, the power emits. Think of yourself as the power outlet and tune in—at your disposal and convenience, as its readily available and here to assist us during every waking moment of our lives.

IMG_0445 When you started this challenge, you created a mantra for who you wish to become, and now you’ve tapped into an abundance of reminders and tips as to how to better achieve this. Today, I don’t want to challenge you, rather I want to CELEBRATE how beautiful and brave you are to have assessed pivotal areas of your life that needed change. For those who participated, this challenge was all about uncovering hidden truths, recognizing your worth, testing your limits, being a beacon of light to others, and of course, to inspire you to be and feel lifted. Spreading this message and being able to share my journey and encourage others to do the same is a mission that I am dedicated to doing, and I couldn’t have done it without your contribution. We have ONE day left together, but I want to send you tremendous love and gratitude, I’m dowsing you with positive energy and celebrating each and every one of you. See you tomorrow for your last challenge!

IMG_0447 You have reached the end of your 31-day journey! Again, THANK YOU for your participation and contribution, and I am honored that you challenged yourself to go out in the world with a sense of renewal and awareness. Although you have reached the end of the Be Lifted Challenge, know that your journey is not over. You can re-write your story. Live a passion-filled life. Start that new project. Travel to unseen places. Rediscover yourself. Mend your broken spirit. You are unstoppable and the only limitation that is hindering you is the limit that you are placing on yourself. My hope is that each day, you continually challenge yourself in new ways to be even more lifted, and to feel even more connected to your purpose and truth. It has been an incredible experience to share this with you all, and I look forward to developing more programs to make you even more fabulous and amazing. I love you all and wish you endless success and happiness! May you be and feel LIFTED!

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