Be[ing] LIFTED

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I get a lot of questions around my life-philosophy of being lifted. It’s the centrality of how I live my life, how I’ve become the person I am today, and even the message I aspire to send through my own life-coaching brand. Although this should have been a fairly effortless thing for me to respond to, I actually incurred a little bit of resistance in coming up with the most fitting response. After taking some time to reflect on this, I think I’ve arrived at a destination; although, I am open and receptive to the evolution of my mission of being lifted.

In my opinion, being and feeling lifted is an active and conscious mindset that just through our thoughts and actions alone, has the ability to transform our lives. Many people assume that the quality of life is dependent on other sources—people, relationships, money, career or other external sources; Although some of those areas are pivotal in terms of quality of life, being lifted ultimately resides in our Inner-Selves and we are the only ones capable of maximizing that source of empowerment, self-love, and transformation. Once we take time to reflect about who we are, our deepest desires, mission and purpose in life, what transcends is that passion becomes ignited and we move towards a lifestyle that invokes feelings of inspiration, happiness, and infinite possibilities for our future ahead.

Being lifted is more than a feeling. It is a higher calling to live life as our most Authentic and best selves. Living at this high-vibration leaves no room for self-doubt, resistance, or blockages. This is a life where there are no limitations, abundance is unlimited, and our passion is maximized.

The more time I spend coaching people, I see this familiar pattern of people thinking that it’s too late to pursue their passion, or that their dreams aren’t realistic, or that their past has hindered them from being the person they inherently are meant to be. I see the various kinds of resistance we’ve succumbed to, the excuses we have submitted to, and the self-talk that anchors us to our current, distorted reality.

This is just resistance. Don’t resort to its existence. In fact, don’t even hesitate. Just whatever desire you have in mind, whatever passion is living in your spirit, don’t suppress it. Conquer it.

My mission in life is to remind each and every person in this world, and perhaps a message that we’re not quite prepared to accept is that, we are not prisoners of our past, our current circumstances, and especially not our linear interpretation of reality. We are powerful creators–just as we’ve created where we are today, we are just as capable of creating the future we put on the shelf, bracket for later which inevitably never comes to fruition.

Your inner-diaologue may suggest that your passion is lost. Your purpose unclear. Or, that your resources are limited.

None of these are true.

Are you ready to elevate your life to the next level?

Ignite your passion, and be lifted.

Love and blessings,

Darryn K. Robinson, CEO/Creator of be + LIFTED Wellness & Coaching

Passion Igniter & Wellness Life Coach


Photo Credit:

Vince Wolgamott,

ReEnvision Photography,, @reenvision_photo

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