Image-1When the time came for me to focus on my action-word of the month to share with you all, I couldn’t help but gravitate to the beautiful energy of being grounded–and how fitting that today is Earth Day! This is such an incredible action that takes hardly any amount of effort, yet its effects are instant and boundless. You know those people that can’t possibly continue their day without their Venti-Iced-Caramel-Macihatto-Double Expresso Starbuck’s concoction at 7:30AM? Well, instead of fending for a caffeine fix, I’m all about starting my day by first being grounded, in not only connecting to the physical realm, my surroundings and this beautiful planet, but to my own source, my own body, myself. Should you find me on an off day where I’ve strayed away from this routine, I won’t even refute this — it’s a guarantee that I’m not flowing positive energy, I’m mentally overwhelmed and scattered, and just not aligned with my vision and purpose.

Just recently, I was watching an interview with the notable Anthony Robbins, a renowned Life Coach and entrepreneur, and he spoke extensively of his morning routine. I’m not as cool as Tony as I’ve yet to prime my body from cold to hot water (a routine he does daily to test his body), but there is something to be said about how one chooses to start their day–it does truly set the tone for the kind of day you intend to attract, and this argument works on the contrary, as well. For years, I struggled with severe insomnia. I just accepted the fact that it was celebration worthy if I got in at least 3-4, restless and unfulfilling hours of sleep. When my alarm beckoned for me to rise out of the comfort of my bed, I would immediately think today is going to be dreadful! I don’t want  to work a 10-hour day with no sleep, how can I power through this exhaustion! In hindsight, now that I come to think about it, this is what the Universe heard: “Your day will be dreadful. You are exhausted.”

Am I hinting that I attracted my insomnia? Absolutely. But I’ll rant on that in another post.

During my hard working days, perhaps if I had started my day with an attitude of gratitude that I had woken up to a new, exciting day, my days would not have been so taxing. Furthermore, had I just dedicated a good 5 minutes to just be still, connect my body to the juicy, scrumptious energy of the Earth and thanked it for all that it provides, I probably would have gone much further in my career than where I was.

So, the act of grounding is very simple. Now that I am very in tune with Mother Earth, the energy of Moon, and even crystals that I have lying all around my condo, this process is a little different for me than it may be for you. But this is seriously all it takes.

1. Stand up, sit down, or lay down. If you have a backyard and can lay on the grass, God bless your soul, that’s even more ideal.

2. Feel, and I mean FEEL everything in your body. Scan it all. If you’re tired, acknowledge it and thank your body for pushing you through anyway, and waking you up to partake in another glorious chapter of your life. If your back hurts, thank your body for nourishing it and providing the healing that it needs. The most important thing is just to feel and thank. Feel. And. Thank.

3. Ground yourself in whatever healing visualization that you see fit. I like to envision a circling ball of light encompassing my body, wrapping itself allllllll around me and keeping me safe. I know that in this light, I am protected. Maybe for you this is just repeating an affirmation, or just saying a prayer, or maybe just doing nothing at all. Awesome. Whatever works for you.

4. Breathe.

5. Go off and have the most amazing day and repeat in 24 hours.

See, grounding is really just about being present, something we don’t allow ourselves to do. We’re caught up in scenarios that haven’t even happened yet, conversations that haven’t even occurred in real time, and things that we have to do, that will get done, we just create unnecessary stress around. My challenge for you is to start your next morning or day by taking time to ground your body to Earth energy. Be centered. Be calm. Be grounded.

Love and blessings,

Darryn K. Robinson 

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