be + LIFTED Challenge: An Introduction

A few months ago, this little seed of a thought was planted in my mind that I wanted to launch a challenge in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month which commences tomorrow, May 1st. Mental Health is an issue that is near and dear to me for so many reasons, and I am so proud to be an advocate for this cause and to enlighten as many people as I possibly can about Mental Health maintenance and recovery. Like many things in society, Mental Health carries its own stigma–just seeing or hearing the word “mental” our mind is already sending out judgments and criticism because Mental Health is synonymous with a flawed individual who is suffering from an illness or ailment that separates them from the rest of society. In short, if you suffer from Mental Health issues, you’re not normal. Perhaps others consider you crazy. You’re misunderstood. Scrutinized. Judged. Not the same.

I know first hand what it feels like to fall on that spectrum. I remember feeling so desolate that I couldn’t control my racing thoughts, or my ecstatic high, and that crashing low. I remember being consumed by anxiety so much that I was enveloped in feelings of angst and worry and continually in a state of being and feeling overwhelmed. For many years, I let my diagnosis control my identity and blamed my poor performance or decision making on my ailments. I was abusing my health, manipulating it for superficial reasons, yet also wearing it as a mask. By being the “mentally unstable” version of myself, I didn’t have to answer the difficult questions, address the circumstances around me, or even live through my truth. I wasn’t connected to who I was as a spiritual being on this Earth, or my mission in the world, or even utilizing my true gifts. I was hiding behind symptoms that I was clinging to in order to continue making excuses (excuses that I extended way past their expiration date) and in hindsight, I recognize my biggest fault is that I didn’t really want to get better, or be better. I was comfortably complacent. A voluntary prisoner. I signed on to my own misery.

I have expressed numerous times in this blog the very conscious actions I took to liberate myself of my old-self, so I don’t wish to reiterate myself. But, I do wish to further advocate for Mental Health Awareness Month, which will be demonstrated by an event that I have pioneered called, “The be + LIFTED Challenge: A 31-Day Commitment.” What you can expect from this challenge will be:

  • A daily call to action for the ENTIRE month of May!
  • An inspirational message to provoke inspired action along with some indirect coaching and wellness advice
  • This will be available through my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn accounts. Follow me at: @beliftedcoach on Instagram and Twitter, and Darryn K. Robinson on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I am REALLY excited about sharing this with you all tomorrow, and I hope that you’ll participate and take this challenge–even if Mental Health is not a pressing issue to you, I assure you that everyone can benefit from this challenge, as it will enhance your current state of emotional and mental affairs, whether you’re 100% mentally fit, or deficient–we can all using a little lifting! Please, feel free to share my challenges to anyone you feel may benefit from my message and it is my prayer and hope that at the end of the month, you will be lifted, restored and renewed through elevated states of mindfulness and inspired action!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for the first challenge!

Love and blessings,

Darryn K. Robinson, Wellness Life Coach

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