Be LIFTED Challenge: Week 1 Recap


IMG_0754 Welcome to the be + LIFTED 31-Day Commitment Challenge! To commence your journey, I want you to know that from this day forward, you don’t have to settle for what life has thrown at you. Instead, you are the Creator of what your future holds. This is your time. I’ve thrown the pen your way, so develop your mission statement, your soundtrack, your daily mantra, if you will, that envelops your commitment as a being who is now in control of their life, designing it as YOU see fit. This is your foundation, build wisely. Holdfast to this mantra as you will become this.

IMG_0756Yesterday you created your daily mantra. Today, use that to consciously steer the direction of your life. That means holding yourself accountable when you take that wrong turn. This also means being very methodical about your decision making going forward. You don’t need Google Maps. This doesn’t require Siri to tell you where to go. This is trusting that YOU are the ultimate navigator of your life. So, where’s your next stop?

 IMG_0758 There’s this old Italian joke about a man who endlessly prays to win the lottery. He goes months praying to a higher-being asking that It shows mercy on him to find that golden ticket. Finally, the higher being out of frustration says to the man, “My son-please, please, please…just buy a ticket.” Moral of the story, if you want something: TAKE ACTION. We can’t receive the reward if we’re not willing to invest in the outcome. So, instead of hoping and wishing for mercy to bestow itself upon you, you kind of have to earn that for yourself. Where are are you committed to take action starting today?

IMG_0760 In other words, this means being very assertive about who you are and not faltering from this level of respect that you have for yourself. We’ve all fallen victim to being the martyr for others, and this usually leaves us depleted and passionless. But, if you put yourself first, contrary to what others consider being selfish, this is actually a very selfless action that will benefit all of humanity (okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you get the point) and those around you. You can’t expect others to respect you if you don’t return the favor to yourself. So, show yourself some love and recognize your worth.

IMG_0762 Remember that old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well, my take on this is, “it takes humility to shape humanity.” We all have these key-players in our lives that believed in us before we even believed in ourselves. And what’s beautiful about this level of modesty is that this key-player didn’t shape your life for recognition or praise, they just saw something in you to mold you on your journey. We are nowhere without the lending hands of others, so honor this person, or persons today. Celebrate their gifts. Thank them for their everlasting impact.

IMG_0764 Remember that mantra you created earlier in the week? The formula in becoming your best self yet is watering your mantra every day by setting an intention in order to embody this person. I’m a firm believer in “speaking with conviction, and living with intention” so whatever you do, do it like you mean it. Don’t say you want to become a millionaire but fail to meet the requirements of that lifestyle by continuing to make poor decisions or selling yourself short, BE a millionaire even if you only have $100 to your name. If you have time, take 15 minutes to write out 10 intentions: things you want, money you want to earn, material items you wish to accumulate, whatever you see fit. After this challenge, if you are INTENTIONAL about acquiring these things, I don’t see any reason why a few of those items won’t be crossed off your list, probably sooner than you think.

IMG_0766 We all have ample opportunity in relinquishing ourselves from the nature of complaining, as I feel many of us abuse this behavior. I squint when I scroll onto FaceBook or social media platforms just to see expressions of pessimism and infinite repetition of allllll the things that aren’t right in our life. Here’s the cold, hard, truth—someone out there has it wayyyyyyy worse, and we have to be present in what IS going right, not our shortcomings. There’s some impoverished soul who wishes to be afforded the opportunity you have and can’t feed themselves and their own family. You are privileged enough to wake up to a new, beautiful day. Someone on this planet didn’t have that opportunity this morning. My hope is that you filter out as much negativity as possible, but at least for today, NO COMPLAINING. There’s only room for thanking. And should you cross paths with someone who is, lift them and show them what they have to be thankful for. That’s a far better cure than spending 20 minutes venting with them about it, anyway.

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I look forward to hearing all that is being LIFTED in your life!

Love and blessings,

Darryn K. Robinson, CWC

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